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Whenever you send any donation please inform us on the same day throughemail:
donation@ghosiafoundation.com and info@ghosiafoundation.com about the medium you selected for sending
funds, date, amount and the purpose of donation (i.e. Zakat, Sadqaat, Khairaat and other Donation etc.)
with your complete postal address which will help us to send you donation receipt along with magazine.

If you want to help the poor, orphan and the needy you can send Zakat, Sadqaat and other Donations in the form
of Cross Cheque, Pay Order and Cash in the following bank account.

Please Remember!

We are trustee and its our duty to send your deposits to the deserved.
E-Mail to us on donation@ghosiafoundation.com after you have been donated.

Donation Project
Donation Amount PKR

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Donate via Payza

Account Details

  • Account Title:

    Ghosia Foundation

  • Account Number:


  • Branch Code:


  • Bank Name:

    MCB, New Challi Branch Karachi.

  • IBAN No. for International Donars

    PK 10 MUCB 0203 3946 4100 0775

  • Note:

    Email Us:


    after you have been donated.

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