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Our Goals


Our Goals


Free Education

In the present age its very difficult for a normal person to bring up their family nicely.
Ghosia Foundation will
provide free computer education with school education.


Free Health Support

In the present age it’s very difficult for a poor person to fulfill the needs of their family. In the mean time if a family member becomes ill, then he will become more worry than before.
So it’s very impossible to treat from a qualified doctor. Ghosia Foundation will provide the facility to treat the poor people free of cost.


Free Treatment for Cancer & Hepatitis

It’s very difficult for poor and entitled people to treat from qualified doctor. In these days it’s impossible for poor people to treat viral decease e.g. cancer and hepatitis.
Ghosia Foundation will treat them after complete inquiry.


Free Marriage Goods

We shall also provide sewing machines for poor girls. It’s very difficult for a poor person to arrange marriage goods for their daughter in these days.
Ghosia Foundation will provide marriage goods for poor and needy girls. Ghosia Foundation Pakistan has decided to bear all expenses of these poor families Alhamd-o-Lilla.


Free Law Support

Those innocent persons who is the single guarantor of her family. Sometimes they put behind the bars suspiciously.
At the end they are helpless, sell their child and the prisoners keep in the prisons for long time. ALHAMD O LILLAH Ghosia Foundation has made a panel of qualified advocate to follow their cases.


Monthly Expenses Support

Those poor and entitled families who have no guarantor, they were suffering from any kind of decease, any damages or have no income to bring up their family.
GHOSIA FOUNDATION will provide help to their families in monthly food scheme. INSHALLAH

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